Pokemon Fanfic Lemon
By: Scy Storm
Pic By: G-Sun

AUTHOR'S NOTES: My entry into the second AGNPH fiction contest, and this time, entries were based off of a single picture in the gallery. I chose this picture out of 11 narrowed-down choices because it was a nice interesting piece to turn into a story, the character is gorgeous, and I liked my idea I had for it. It's not horribly long, I don't think, but I tried hard to make it very nice. Hope you enjoy. :)

INEVITABLE DISCLAIMER: Contains sex!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

A flow of slightly fading and darkening greens extending over the ground in the form of grass and fallen leaves, dotted randomly with bright spots of yellow and pink from the quaint little flowers that have grown up from the soil. Vines of equal green tone hanging from the tall trees growing seemingly in a barrier around the paradise. Streams of crystal clear water diverge and cross randomly amidst the grassland. Large rocks extend into the air inside the small spring the water comes from, one towering as high as the trees, hanging above the spring on one side. The rocks shine from the light of the sun, covered with a light coating of mist from water that evaporated due to the sun's rays. This is... gorgeous.

Celebi floats a few feet above the grass, staring aimlessly at the sight before him. This mysterious grove, pocketed away amidst the forest that he frequents. Why has he never seen this before? Why does it seem so devoid of life? This place is a paradise. He almost expects a family of Furrets to be burrowed in a corner near the spring. But there's nothing. It's quiet. The only sounds he can hear are his own breathing, and the light, calming trickling noise of the small streams of water exiting from the spring and flowing into the forest abyss.

The little green fairy fades slowly into more of an attentive state, sliding through the air above the grassland, gentle sparkles of magical energy falling from his body. He can see not a furry scavenger sliding through the grass, not a bird flittering through the air. It is most curious indeed. His eyes drift themselves to the spring on the far end. More of the water has been revealed to him, as the larger rock had obscured his view moments before. He decides it's time to see the most beautiful spectacle there, turning in midair and floating to it.

He could not have imagined the water be so beautiful. It's a clear, shining blue, sparkling via the light of the sun. The virtually featureless bottom can be seen only a foot or so down, and not a fish swims through it. A large rock sits within the middle of the spring, while the larger one he noticed before looks to be like an overhang above the side to the right to him. Evaporated water drips from it down into the lake, causing little ripples. On the opposite side from where he floats, the grassland sinks slightly into the water, creating a mini beach where one would most obviously walk down or out of the water. The side where he floats is more like a drop into the water, similar to a step. Amazing...

Celebi stares in awe at the sight before him, his eyes sliding gradually over the water. He can see the larger rock on the right side casts a shadow over some of the water, removing the sparkle and glare of the sun and just showing the clarity of the water. He smiles widely, but then notices something. Under the water, just outside of where the shadow falls, there is a blurred spot. Like an underwater cloud of blue smoke, obscuring vision to the bottom. He headtilts. What is that? What mass of unknown form is hurting the beauty of this spring?

As the thoughts fly through his mind, he barely processes the blue mass starting to take form. He blinks, and the mass of blue seems to form into some kind of being, clad in shades of blue and white. Or at least that's what he could tell while it being underwater, the water rippling and pulsating from the creation to help obscure his vision. Before he can register what is happening, he jerks backward as the being stands up out of the water into the light of the sun. He gasps. The gorgeous form of Suicune has risen from out of the water, seemingly out of nowhere. But something is different: She is not the same Suicune he remembers. She is... of new form. Human-shaped. Anthro, he recalls as another term. Her fur-covered body, perfectly curved, stands above two legs that remain underwater, the water coming to just under her hips. She retains her blue and white fur, with the signature diamond markings down her legs. She tosses her head back, her purple-furred mane now in the form of long, flowing purple hair hanging from her head, reaching as far down as her hips; which are adorned with her white ribbon-like tails unique to her species. Her hair grows out around her signature jewel-like head crest, which shines underneath the rays of the sun. Her fur itself seems to sparkle from the water cast upon it, as well. She sighs into the air as her hands run through her hair, water running from it back into the spring, a slight flowing curve of her hair forming instantly.


Magical little sparkles fall from the fairy once again as he floats himself above the spring near the rock. Suicune lowers her head, smiling, turning toward the voice and opening her eyes. The red color of her pupils seems to shine more than Celebi ever remembers them. Her face remains in muzzle form despite her humanoid appearance. The smile on her face makes it seem like she knew of his presence. "Celebi... How unexpected." She states.

Celebi, smiling, hovers in midair. Her voice sounds majestic and beautiful like always, but more distinct in its tone. Now being in front of her, he can see one of the dead obvious changes to her anatomy in the form of breasts, the nipples of which are causing slight indents in the white fur that covers most all of her frontside. The white fur slightly hides what would also be dead obvious between her legs, that particular extremity lying mere centimeters above the surface of the water. "I should be saying the same." The fairy replies.

Suicune smiles at him, bending one of her elbows and placing that hand on her hip, the other arm hanging lose at her opposite side. "I can feel you're surprised at my current appearance."

"Yes I am! You should be a four-legged canine. And yet, here you are. You look human."

She chuckles a little, two of her fingers on her hanging hand sliding through the edge of the water idly. "That I am. It's something I do from time to time, just to try something new."

"This is about as new as I can think of."

Suicune giggles softly to the comment, and eyes him, her red eyes showing intent. Celebi sees her staring, and blinks in confusion. "Well, how do I look then?" She finally asks after a moment of silence.

The green fairy blushes a little, but manages a sweet smile. "You're gorgeous. Why would I say different?" He replies.

She smiles wide, and pats his onion-shaped head. "I know, I know."

Celebi scritches one of his cheeks, noting that he blushed and tries to ignore it. "But since when can you do something like this? You're not psychic like me, and even I can't do that." He queries.

Suicune hums a little tune as she slides her fingers through the water some more. "It's this spring."

Celebi headtilts at her. "... The spring?"

She nods softly. "Yes... You know I have power over the forces of nature when it comes to water. But this spring is special. I cannot explain why, but through a little manipulation of my power, I unlocked magic that this place brings out. It turned me into this."

"Wow..." Celebi says, a little dumbfounded. "Is it permanent?"

Suicune shakes her head gently. "Oh no, it wears off after enough time out of the spring, or if you expel enough energy that your body no longer sustains the form."

Celebi nods in understanding, and looks downward at her fingers sliding through the water's surface. He can see sparkles flow from the path her fingers take, and they're definitely not the same sparkling the sunrays are causing. "Does this spring have any more magic?" He asks her.

"Hmm... Not that I have found yet, no." She answers, sliding the tips of her fingers the opposite way through the surface, causing more odd sparkles to shimmer off.

Celebi nods a little while still watching, then looking back up to her. "What are you doing?"

Suicune stares at him with her eager red eyes once more, smiling, pulling her hand up away from the water. "Take a dip inside." She says.

Celebi eeps softly, looking down at the water. He then looks back up at her, and shakes his head, smiling funnily. "No, no, that's okay. I'm fine."

"Oh come on, you could probably use a bath. And it's not going to kill you, I just want you to feel how nice the water is."

The green fairy hrms, looking down at the water and rubbing his head. Why is he acting shy? It's just water, after all. "Well, um..."

"Come on, Celebi. For me?" She says, managing the sweetest smile she can muster.

He looks back up at her, noting the smile, feeling his cheeks redden up again. He manages a soft giggle, and finally nods. "Alright, I'll take a dip."

Her ribbon-like tails wave slightly to either side of her body as she smiles happily at him. Celebi just passes off the smile, looking down at the water. He floats low, and runs one of his feet through the surface, submerging his small toes in the process. The water doesn't even feel cold, as one would expect from first contact on skin. Deciding not to hesitate anymore, he gradually floats lower, submerging himself into the water until it's at his neck. Suicune watches him the entire time, at one point licking her tongue over her muzzle, which he completely misses her doing. "Do you like it?" She asks.

Celebi nods a little, gently sliding his arms back and forth under the water. "Yeah! It feels great, not cold or anything." He replies, smiling up at her widely.

She smiles back at him, but Celebi notices her smile seems almost... devious. His own fades as he blinks a little, but before he can query why she's smiling that way, he feels a rush of energy go through him. He looks and sees the water ripple around him crazily. With an eep he shoots up out of the water, creating a light splash. Looking at his body, the water that dampened his light fur coating is rippling whilst upon him. And then, it starts glowing, causing an eerie light to bathe his body. He raises his hands and looks at them, his blue eyes shining slightly with fear. "W-What's happening to me?!" He yells out.

Suicune only giggles at him, staring at him with wonder, that devious smile still on her face. Celebi knows this must be her doing, and he floats just away from the water, before gasping as his body becomes fully engulfed in a white glow. Suicune's red eyes sparkle as she watches his small little fairy form begin to expand and grow into something far more human. His arms extend, and then begin to form fingered hands on the ends. His small legs extend much longer and show the forming of feet upon their ends. Celebi doesn't move position as his body changes, and ends up in a seated position upon the small 'ledge' above the water's surface. The fade from his body disappears, leaving him blinking several times to make his eyes come into focus. And boy does he feel different. "What... did..." He mutters.

He brings up his hands and looks at them with a gasp. They're human! Well, as human as hands and arms covered with a paper-thin coat of green fur like his can be, anyway. Taking a look at his body, it also looks quite human, as well as slim and lightly muscular. His genitalia of course became like a humans as Suicune's did, his member as well as his ballsack outward, rather than inward, resting upon the grass. His glance continues downward as he raises his feet out of the water, seeing them now human-like with 5 toes each. He then leans forward and looks into the water, seeing his reflection. His face has taken on slight human characteristics, in that it's elongated and he has somewhat of a nose showing. Outward ears have also formed, the top lobes of which look pointed. His antennae remain, but look a little longer, dangling in the air above his face. His soft headcrest seems more like hair now, sliding just off the back of his head and remaining sticking slightly upward. He stares at the mirroring surface of the water, bringing a hand up and sliding it over his cheek slowly, struck completely by surprise. He then hears a giggle from the female still standing in the water, looking up at her silly and partially excited smile. "You look great, fairy boy." She remarks.

Celebi smiles shyly, rubbing his hand over his face some more, feeling how it has changed. "I should have saw this coming before I dipped in the water." He says.

Suicune laughs again as she walks through the water closer to him. "Yes, well, I suppose the joke is on you then."

Celebi shrugs a shoulder, and then observes her coming closer. She stares up at his blue eyes, her smile extending into a bit of a grin as her soft hand comes up and starts rubbing on his chest, delicately feeling the curves of the showing muscles with her finger tips. Celebi's cheeks light up again, and he looks down at her hand, before staring at her face. "Um, what... what are you doing?" He asks.

She grins up at him as her hand presses more firmly. "What did I say earlier about liking to try new things?"

Celebi feels his shyness skyrocket, quivering a little under the Suicune's touch. The canine girl only giggles at how reserved he has become, her hand moving away a little as she leans forward and runs her tongue slowly up his chest. Celebi shivers again, and lets out a small moan. His blush darkens immensely as he realizes the noise he made, wondering how he didn't stop it from coming. That lick just felt nicer than it really should have. Suicune just stays smiling at him, her idle hand on his hip as the hand that was once rubbing goes downward and grasps onto a much more intimate appendage. Celebi gasps loudly and grips the edge of the ground. Almost instantly, blood is flowing into his length. "Sui-Suicune..." He sputters out.

She gives another sweet, yet amused giggle, pushing his member to point upward, grinding it against his belly a little with her hand. "Oh just relax, cute thing." She tells him, before licking over his lithe muscled form once more.

The fairy boy closes his eyes tight and leans his head back onto his shoulders, a great feeling of ecstasy swelling up inside of him. What is with this form that is making him so sensitive to Suicune's touches? Is it because it's such a new experience? In any case, he can feel his human-like cock is pulsing heavily against his own stomach, the canid's hand still grinding up against it. His fingered hands hold on tight to the grass, pulling it out of the ground just slightly in the process.

Suicune finishes a third lick over his body, pulling her tongue away and noting how hard the cock in her hand is pulsing, idly running her fingers over it. Seconds after, she can feel liquids running down to meet her fingers. She moves backward from Celebi just a little, looking down and observing his length. It's covered in the slightly furred green skin the fairy boy has always had, aside from the light pinkness of the very tip showing out of where the skin ends. It's human-shaped, of course, and she gauges the size of it at around 5 and a half, maybe 6 inches up. My my, he grew nice and large, now didn't he... She thinks to herself.

She notices his eyes partially open again, looking down at her, probably because she stopped licking and hand grinding. She looks up at him, and smiles, before her fingers slide to a stopped position at the base of his member. Her face leans forward, and up goes her tongue sliding firmly over the surface, feeling it pulse on top of getting most of the pre liquids that oozed forth. Celebi groans loudly, throwing his head back, the tip of his length almost immediately spewing forth more of the natural lubrication, some flowing down and absorbing onto the licking tongue whilst the rest slides down the other side of his cock, reaching his now outward orbs. "Ohh god..." He speaks out into the air, unable to control the outburst.

It gets another sweet little giggle from the Suicune as her tongue withdraws. Her soft furry fingers slide over the bottom few inches of the pulsing flesh, her tongue extending again and providing the head and following inches some quick, loving licks, still keeping them relatively firm to maximize pleasure. Celebi is feeling nothing but that pleasure, whimpering, turning his head to look at her with slitted eyes. He can feel her pleasure him, of course, but witnessing her do it seems to add to the feeling. He can witness the liquids oozing from his transformed length, the tongue of the canine quickly sliding over the head and absorbing what comes out.

Suicune adores the weak but pleasant taste of the liquid as it sinks into her taste buds, soon deciding to try another level. Her muzzle seals down over the Celebi's length, her tongue caressing the enclosed head for a moment before she lowers her muzzle down, swallowing down a few inches before the tip taps the back of her throat, deciding not to take it any further. She tries suckling on what she has, and murrs happily to the feeling of doing it, as well as the taste. Celebi in the meantime is in ecstasy, an extensive moan sounding out of him as Suicune's muzzle sinks down his length. He gets the undeniable desire to start thrusting his hips, but he manages to hold back, his fingers tearing into the ground below him. His member won't stop leaking, pulsing rather needily in her mouth, the beautiful canid sucking the liquids up in her gentle nursing.

After a few moments of holding him in her maw, Suicune slides her muzzle off, lapping at the head a few times to get stray liquids before stopping and thinking. A grin soon forms on her face, her eyes briefly looking up to his pleasured face, which now seems puzzled. She uses his hands to push his legs open a bit wider, leaning herself close to him, pressing her chest against his underside. She licks at the head of his length a few times as her hands press her supple breasts together, squeezing the length in-between them.

Celebi groans loudly, tossing his head back, feeling his length squeezed, the Suicune's breasts rubbing him up and down as her tongue slides over his leaking tip over and over. She watches up at the fairy boy's reactions only momentarily, focusing mainly on pleasing him, her body going in up and down motions. Celebi whimpers, his back arching a bit, his cock pulsing heavier. He can't hold it back. "Sui..cune... I-!"

The canine blinks, and then gasps, the fairy climaxing and shooting thick globs of cum onto her face. Her cheeks blush and she closes her eyes, opening her mouth up to let the shots shoot inside. Celebi is beside himself, groaning, his body shivering heavily and his hands squeezing the soil with every hard shot his member makes. Suicune murrs to herself, rubbing her breasts against his spasming length as the last few shots get her lips and cheek before dribbling out all over her chest. She listens to the fairy boy pant, and smiles happily, moving away from him. "Oh wow..." She says.

Celebi looks down at her, blushing heavily, managing a gentle smile through his labored breathing. He's never felt an orgasm that hard. Suicune grins up at him, sliding a finger over some of the seed on her chest, licking it off slowly. She giggles a little as the fairy scritches his cheek shyly. "That was... amazing..." He says.

Suicune smiles happily, petting his leg, leaning upward and lapping his nose once. Celebi twitches his nose, and stares at her, noting the look in her eyes. They still seem quite lustful. Needy, even. She murrs and moves back, her hand sliding down his chest on the way down, brushing over his cock in the process. He shivers, his length twitching, causing him to note that it has remained partially aroused even after blowing so hard. "Come into the water." Suicune asks.

Celebi erfs, and looks at the water, before back at her. She brings some water up to her face and splashes, cleaning it as well as her chest. She then glides her hands back through her hair and stares at him, her water-splashed body very evidently exposed. The look in her eyes beckons him with its sweet, lustful gaze. He stares into them, unable to look away. The shyness fades from his mind slowly, replaced instead gradually by a need to be in there, close to her. She murrs softly and alluringly, her finger raising in front of her face to interrupt his stare. She then wiggles the finger in a slow beckoning motion, telling him once more to come into the water.

The fairy boy blinks slowly, and now doesn't question it. He slips off the edge of the ground and steps into the water with a light splash made, strolling his way up close to her. Suicune doesn't move as soon Celebi is right up against her, staring it her face. His hand slowly slides upward, rubbing gently up her arm, soon rubbing it around the shoulder area in slow circles. Suicune smiles at him, her arms gliding around him gently, furry fingers sliding up his back. Celebi murrs quietly as the fingers feel the contours of his back, around his shoulder blades, before they suddenly grasp onto his shoulders, Suicune pulling the two of them under the crystal clear water.

They raise up a few seconds later, heads and shoulders raised above the water, their lips locked tight together in eager embrace. Their eyes are shut and their arms hold each other, Celebi's arms around her shoulders. One of his hands glide through her wet hair, fingers meeting the back of her head and kneading there gently with firm rubs. Suicune moans gently to him, her tongue licking at his lips a little bit, quickly met by that of the Celebi's tongue.

Murrs sound out between the two, their bodies gliding through the lake, Suicune sort of leading them a certain way with subtle movements. Her hands are beneath the water, rubbing against his sides. One then drifts forward, finding his submerged cock, still hard, grasping onto it firmly. Celebi moans loudly into her maw, the squeeze making him kiss harder, his hands grasping firmly onto her head and shoulder respectively. He leans to her, making her bend backward just a little, his tongue sliding forth past her lips in a needy fashion.

Suicune moans gently, smiling deeply as the Celebi sort of takes control, exactly what she wanted. Her arms come up and wrap around his chest tightly, continuing to subtly shift their momentum backwards. Their bodies gradually come up out of the water, Celebi not even noticing, having lost himself too much in kissing her. Suicune mmms and opens her eyes a little, seeing how pleasured he is, letting him take her in kiss as she feels the two of them sort of fall, softly landing on her back on the smooth, grassy shore opposite to where she pleasured Celebi only moments before.

Celebi hardly notices that he's now lying atop of her, his hands shifting around to her frontside, rubbing her shoulders as he continues kissing. It finally registers after a moment when he feels he's now horizontal, with water only up to his calves. He opens his eyes, meeting her red ones in gaze, and pulls out of the kiss. The two of them pant softly from lack of air, as Celebi looks around. They both lay on the shore now, out of the water. She led them there as he was entranced. He looks back down at her, and smiles sweetly. She stares back at him, and he then notices just how glazed her eyes look. "Celebi..." She whispers.

The fairy blinks, as Suicune's eyes look downward once, before back up at him. Celebi sits up to his knees and looks down. His pulsing member is up against her inner thigh. Both of her thighs are open for him, and between her legs, her red pussy lips are showing outside of the fur coating, swollen with her high arousal. His face blushes deeply as he looks back at her, his eyes met with a lustful and needy gaze. She looks so submissive. He knows exactly what she wants.

He slides his face into a smile, his body scooting a little bit to one side. He brings his hand to his the base of his cock, shivering a little as he grasps it, helping to aim it. The head of his cock rubs up against her lower lips, and is immediately met with a gentle moan from the Suicune, on top of some warm feminine juices running over it. The tip of his length disappears into her lips just a little before he moves his hand, both of his hands sliding up her calves and holding her knees as he pushes forward.

Suicune cries out gently into the air as the fairy boy's cock pushes into her body, feeling it spread her open gradually. Her back arches a little, and her body shivers, causing her fur to stand on end momentarily. She's never been mated in this form, and it feels so exquisite. Celebi moans loudly himself, the feeling of pressing into the female in this form is beyond even what he felt when she orally pleasured him. His head leans back and his hands grasp onto her legs as he sinks deeper into her body.

The canid gives another gentle cry as his hips soon bump against hers, feeling all of his pulsing length inside of her. It causes her to quiver, her insides gripping around him, liquids forced out of both of them. Celebi brings his head back and the two lock eyes once more, eyelids drooped, Suicune panting a little in her arousal. She stares up at him and voluntarily squeezes down on his cock again, begging him for more.

Celebi moans loudly, closing his eyes shut and taking a deep breath, calming himself. His hips slide back, a few inches leaving Suicune before he pumps back into her with another loud moan. Immediately he slides back and thrusts again, beginning a steady pace, his motions effortless from the lubrication inside her body. His eyes clench down tighter as he squeezes her knees momentarily before his hands pet her calves in idle, loving motions.

Suicune squirms in ecstasy, moaning to the air, her hands gripping the grass behind her head and her legs widening a little. She can feel the head of the fairy's member make contact inside her body every time he pushes in, the feeling making her jerk a little, driving her senses wild. She stares at his eye-clenched face momentarily, knowing he must be so pleasured, especially since she's randomly squeezing down on him with every pump. She moves her hands away from the grass and presses her breasts together, leaning her head forward and sliding her tongue over one, moaning once more.

Celebi soaks in the sound of her moans, loving the fact that he's taking a turn in pleasuring her now. His cock pumps more lubricating liquids into her body, causing him to absentmindedly go faster. His hands gradually drift their way down their legs, eventually both rubbing against her belly as he murrs loud into the air. He opens his eyes again, and sees her licking herself. He thinks a moment, before he grins at her. She catches his grin and stares at him lustfully, the fairy leaning downward, his body a little bent as he runs his tongue firmly over one of her nipples.

Suicune moans loudly for him, moving her hands up to his head and rubbing it as the fairy's hands cup her breasts and hold them together. Her legs wrap around his body a little, he own still getting a pounding from his cock. Celebi runs his tongue over her breasts a few more times, the licks firm, before he closes his maw around one of the nipples and suckles gently. At the same time, Suicune can feel his thrusts getting harder, her body rocked just a little, his balls slapping against her with a very sensual sound. She leans her head back onto the ground and moans loudly. "Ohh... Celebi... don't stop..." She begs.

Celebi groans loudly and muffled hearing those words, his body shivering just a bit. He goes back to lapping his tongue, only quicker and more crazily now, tweaking the canid morph's nipples, which are quite stiff from her arousal. Combined juices from both of the partners ooze out of the Suicune every time the fairy pumps inward, causing a wet slapping noise in the air from his orbs hitting her. The sound is making them both quiver in lust.

Suicune raises her head back up again and watches him lick her, panting harder, her insides squeezing his pumping member progressively harder. Her breath goes over his face a little, and she moans gently for his ears to hear, a soft growl punctuating it. Celebi stops licking and looks to her face, panting hard himself, staring for only a moment before he shoves his face to hers, kissing deeply. Suicune's hands, still on his head, squeeze down onto his head and neck, keeping his face locked to hers as their tongues quickly mingle together.

Within seconds of the kiss, Celebi's thrusts become much more forceful, losing a bit of speed but leaving the canid's body rocking heavily. Suicune cries out into the fairy boy's mouth, her breasts bouncing and brushing against his chest, her legs uncurling from his body and landing into the lake again, staying wide to give him more room for his forceful drilling into her body. Her fingers contour and knead against his skin momentarily before they start to weaken, her loosing control of her body and submitting more to the Celebi's pleasure.

Celebi groans a little and stops kissing her, a string of saliva linking them for a moment before breaking. His hands grasp onto her body, the fairy himself sitting up more straight, his head leaning back and his eyes clenching shut as he groans loudly to the air. He continues to relentlessly slam into her, feeling how hard and eager his member is throbbing, his body taking over his senses and focusing only on seeding his mating partner.

Suicune's hands grasp onto the grass, her head pressing back as she whimpers, her desires bubbling up so fast under the feeling of the Celebi's thrusts. Soon she can no longer take it, her fingers digging into the grass as she arches her back. "CELEBI!!" She screams, tears shooting out of her eyes.

A massive climax runs through her body, causing a large quiver spell to fly through her, peaking with violent squeezes from her inner muscles onto the Celebi's length as her feminine juices come out over his hips. The fairy boy groans very loud to the air, his thrusts wavering and becoming completely arrhythmic for a few seconds at the start of her orgasm. The final straw instantly spikes him as he grasps her body harder, his hips slamming her hard and without rhythm. "Sui-Suicune!!" He yells out.

He abruptly stops his thrusts by slamming deep to her body, his cock unloading into its second climax of the day. This one feels even more intense and explosive than his first, unloading more cum than he thought possible into her body. Suicune's face flushes up deep as the warm seed shoots inside her belly and coats her inner walls, her teary eyes clenching tighter as a wide smile stretches over her face, her back gradually lowering as her climax fades away.

Celebi belts out a continuous broken moan as he orgasms, once again quivering with almost every hard spurt. He pumps his cock back and forth lightly and absentmindedly as the orgasm draws to its close, wavering to a small leak, and then to nothing. Fatigue immediately hits him like bricks. His hands loosen, his hips stop, and his head hangs, panting heavily. He nearly falls forward, but stops himself by slapping his palms to the ground. He then gradually lowers himself atop the Suicune, feeling her chest rise up and down with her own hard breathing. They both feel weak and dead to the world, but immensely satisfied, a large smile forming on Celebi's face.

Not even minutes could have gone by before Celebi feels strange. Very strange. He blinks a few times as his body goes numb and tingling, which he can barely feel compared to the overwhelming afterglow. After a small moment of this, he no longer feels the soft, comforting fur of the Suicune under him, but rather the grass she laid upon. His legs no longer occupy the water. He mrphs confusedly, and sits up, gasping. He's shrunk back to his normal self. He stares at his wide Celebi hands for a second, before blinking a few times. "S...Suicune?"

He looks upward, his eyes coming more into focus. A matter of feet in front of him, away from the shore, Suicune stands. She too, is back to her normal self, standing on four legs, purple mane and ribbon tails flowing in the windless air. She mmms, and shakes herself off a little of some stray water. He can then see a bit of his cum sliding down her lower leg, and she blushes, but ignores it, smiling at him. "I'm here..." She says, her voice back to the one he better recognizes.

Celebi groans a little, his body weak, lacking the energy to even float into the air. So he remains on his small knees, looking up at her. "We're normal again."

She nods softly. "Like I said, expel enough energy." She says, smiling big, her ribbon-like tails waving in flowing wave-like motions.

"Oh yeah. Of course." He says, giggling softly, but weakly.

Suicune pads over closer to him, nuzzling him gently and kissing his forehead. "Thank you."

Celebi blushes up, but smiles widely up at her. "And thank you..."

She giggles a little, and turns away from him, walking away from the shore and toward the forest. Celebi blinks, and yells to her. "Hey! Where you going?"

Suicune stops, and looks over her shoulder, her red eyes sparkling with a sweet look. "We'll meet again, fairy boy. Until then, enjoy the spring. No one will bother you here."

And with that, she jumps into the trees, and starts dashing through the wood, Celebi seeing her quickly turn into a figure of shadow and disappear in the distance. He stares, surprised, but eventually shrugs his shoulders and smiles again. With a sigh, he flops onto his back, staring up at the blue sky above. No one will bother me, ay?

With no better idea, he sighs again, closing his eyes, letting his fatigue get the better of them. He can only hope what he just went through will play back in his dreams. And that one day he'll get a chance to repeat it...


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